Friday, September 13, 2013

Debe Terhar Against Common Core?????

 Here is some interesting information.

Debe Terhar is a member  of a group that wants to repeal CommonCore education standards .

Let me repeat that for you:
Ohio School Board President Debe Terhar is a member of an organization Ohioans for Educational Freedom that wants to repeal, abolish, wipe out the Common Core Standards in education.

Ohioans for Educational Freedom:

OEF opposes all Common Core Initiatives, and will work to repeal any and all regulations and laws in Ohio. We will work in partnership with other groups around the state and use this page to bring you information on pertinent news, as well as advocate meeting details in different parts of the state.....

Isn't that amazing???? And there is even more.......

On the Ohioans for Educational Freedom website, there is a link to the organization's current target---The Bluest Eye. Now we know why Terhar brought up the idea to ban The Bluest Eye.