Thursday, November 08, 2012

Women, Math vs Old GOP

Women clearly stood up and let their voices be heard in the Presidential election. When faced with the prospect of going back to some prehistoric time for women's health, working rights, and education, American women decided that they were going to move forward with President Obama and candidates that supported their agenda. While President Obama's campaign and Democrats worked with women, Latinos, LGBT groups, unions, college students, and seniors, the Republicans refused to acknowledge the changing demographics in the country.  As long as Republicans look to their playbook from Karl Rove's basement, they'll continue to lose.

Math was an important part of the Democratic strategy. Using their knowledge of the last census, changing populations, women in the workforce, scientific polls, and other data, they created a plan, and worked on it 24/7. On the other hand, Republicans totally dismissed facts, and fed their sheeple through their right wing cable "news" station.  Republicans allowed their supporters to believe that they were winning because they were relying on Karl Rove, false momentum, and a mistaken belief that people would buy what they were selling.

As long as there is a political party that embraces the rights of citizens, promotes education for everyone, and uses science and math, that party will attract citizens that want progress in their lives.

>>>>> President Obama and Vice President Biden are good people who are concerned for all Americans. We need to offer congratulations to President Obama, the Democratic Party, Sen. Sherrod Brown, and the thousands of volunteers that gave their time, money, and footwork to help Democratic candidates.

**** This goes out to those right wing people who think that the re-election of President Obama is a signal that the world will end soon: God is not a Democrat or a Republican!

Those of us who suffered through the administrations of Nixon, both Bushes, and Reagan, have some advice for you: Deal with it.

• They are still counting ballots in Florida!

 Hey, Florida!  
Stop electing people that try to stop you from voting. Going to the polls should not involve hours and threats to your right to vote.