Thursday, November 01, 2012

Moving Forward

* Sen. Sherrod Brown (Democrat) was in Athens, Ohio, with his campaign. He reminded voters what we all should be fighting for and what he stands for in the U.S. Senate. Sen. Sherrod Brown explained why he has the canary pin.


...He said the pin reminds him that today is a better time because of the progressive movement.
"It's Medicare and Social Security. It's minimum wage. It's workers compensation. It's safe drinking water. It's clean air. It's mine safety. It's women's rights. It's civil rights. It's activism for students," he said. "It's people working together to move this country forward."

And the country moves forward, he said, not because government takes it upon itself but because the people come together to push it forward.....

If you want to move forward, vote Democratic. If you enjoyed the Bush years of financial failures, endless wars, unfunded No Child Left Behind, restrictions on women's rights, etc., stick with Romney. 

*  *  *

Five Thirty Eight Forecast:

President Barack Obama: 300.4
Mitt Romney: 237.6


• Republicans have both Franklin County and Lucas County, Ohio, as targets. They are descending on us to try to encourage Democrats to switch their votes to Romney. If someone approaches you, ask which party or group they represent, then tell them you are a firm supporter of President Obama's and every Democrat. That should make them sad.

Most poll sites should have Obama's 'boots on the ground' for assistance to voters. If you have someone give you a hard time, or try to dissuade you from voting, look for these people outside the polling site.