Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Just Shameful

Sen. John McCain (AZ-R) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC-R) have gone way, way, way, overboard on their attacks against U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice. Why have they continued to smear her on what she said on Sunday talk shows when she only repeated information that had been given to her? Ambassador Rice did not make policy decisions about Benghazi. Are McCain and Lindsey Graham just trying to get their faces on TV?

An article at the Huffington Post raised some suspicions as to why McCain was on his very public crusade against Susan Rice.


Just four years ago, John McCain was the leader of the GOP. Today, he's the highest-ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, a perch from which the former fighter pilot is deeply engaged in the national conversation over war, terrorism and intelligence gathering.

But in January, the Arizona senator will lose his top-ranking committee seat due to term limits. The only ranking Republican spot available to him next session will be on the Indian Affairs Committee.

Unless, that is, the Senate creates a brand-new select committee. On Wednesday, McCain, flanked by Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.), proposed just that: a select committee with extensive authority to investigate the Benghazi, Libya, attack and the U.S. government's response....

Is it possible that McCain is going after Susan Rice just to boost his already dwindling importance in the Senate? While McCain tries to defame Ambassador Rice, is he really trying to capture the limelight for himself? Are there other reasons for the continuing punches being thrown at Ambassador Rice? Is it sexism? Is it racism? Is it the crankiness of a man trying to make himself relevant?

Lindsey Graham's tag along with McCain makes it look like he is going with McCain for the ride. With Democrats maintaining control of the Senate, Lindsey Graham and John McCain  are looking for a fight just to keep themselves in the spotlight.  Their attacks on Susan Rice are ridiculous, ugly, and shameful.