Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Moving Forward for Everyone

* Thank you! Thank you to all those volunteers, the phone callers, door bell ringers, statisticians, and everyone that stood up for President Obama!

* Thank you, voters, for standing up for women, justice, fairness, voting rights, equality, President Obama, immigrants, the American auto workers, job safety, Pell grants, children, Social Security & Medicare, the Lilly Ledbetter Act, women's reproductive rights, and the Affordable Care Act, etc., etc.  Whatever RomneyRyan and the Neanderthals in the Republican Party were offering, voters were NOT buying it.

* At the Columbus Obama rally on Monday, former Gov. Ted Strickland said that at about 11:37pm, Ohio will put President Obama over the top for electoral votes. Thank you, Ted!

* Thank you, Ohio voters, for standing with President Obama and Sen. Sherrod Brown!

> When I heard that people waited for hours to cast their vote in Florida, and around the country, I was reminded of that old folk song, "We Shall Not Be Moved." No matter how long it took, or what anyone said, they were not going to get out of line.

>>> To all the naysayers:

    Nate Silver of the NY Times/538 was right. Math works.