Monday, November 05, 2012



See you today, Monday, at the rally for President Obama! Fired up!

If you have an absentee ballot at home, it must be mailed by TODAY Monday, November 5th. Be certain to sign it in the proper places, put the correct amount of postage on it, and mail it!

 If you have any difficulty voting, someone questions your right to vote, or you see someone hassling someone,
          (a) document the event,
          (b) call Election Protection (1-866-OUR VOTE)
           (c) get the Smartphone App                                     

>>> Early voting has been a success in Ohio, even with the lack of cooperation from Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted and every Republican office holder in the state. The actions by Husted and those running elections in Florida are shameful. Long lines and obstructing voters cannot help democracy. Voting is a right.

Republicans are always talking about how they want to cut regulations. Regulations exist to protect the public.


The fatal meningitis epidemic sweeping the United States can now be traced to the failure of then-Gov. Mitt Romney to adequately regulate the Massachusetts pharmaceutical company that is being blamed for the deaths.

At least 344 people in 18 states have been infected by the growing public health crisis and 25 have died so far.

But the epidemic may also play a role in the presidential campaign, now that state records reveal that a Massachusetts regulatory agency found that the New England Compounding Co., the pharmaceutical company tied to the epidemic, repeatedly failed to meet accepted standards in 2004 — but a reprimand was withdrawn by the Romney administration in apparent deference to the company’s business interests....

Read the entire article and you might learn how these companies got looser regulations under then Gov. Romney.

*** Did you know that Republican special interests spent nearly one million dollars on a commercial to smear Democrat Maureen Reedy?  Maureen Reedy is a Democrat running for Ohio House District 24 and is very concerned about the recent cuts to education. 

Maureen Reedy's Republican opponent, Kunze, is supportive of Kasich's budget, and is being bankrolled by several right wing special interest groups that are for more tax cuts for the wealthy and for an expansion of charter schools. One of Kunze supporters is Michelle Rhee, the anti-public school, pro-corporate charter school, so-called education expert, that is worshipped by John Kasich. Kunze was also the subject of a newspaper article questioning her ethics. Plunderbund has boatloads of information on Kunze's big money supporters. Enough said.