Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ohio GOP's Back to Same Old Tricks

* Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted kept throwing wrenches into Ohio's election this year.  Husted's behavior was called into question by a federal judge. 
Plain Dealer:

A federal judge blasted Ohio’s elections chief on Tuesday, questioning his motives for setting new vote-counting rules that violated state law just days before the presidential election.

In a scathing 17-page ruling, U.S. District Judge Algenon Marbley said a directive on counting provisional ballots that Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted issued on Nov. 2 was "a flagrant violation of a state elections law" that could disenfranchise voters.

"The surreptitious manner in which the secretary went about implementing this last minute change to the election rules casts serious doubt on his protestations of good faith," Marbley wrote.....

Husted has other plans up his sleeve to change your vote and the way electoral votes are awarded. Keep an eye on him.

>  Ohio Gov. John Kasich appoints an unqualified person to the Ohio Medical Board.


For intelligence on Gov. Kasich’s view of Ohio’s nationally acclaimed medical community, look no further than the poor quality of his appointees to the State Medical Board of Ohio.

His latest consumer appointee is Michael L. Gonidakis who will serve through July of 2017. Mr. Gonidakis has zero medical credentials. He is a lawyer who is best known as head of Ohio Right to Life. Despite polling and election results showing that Ohio remains strongly pro-choice, our anti-choice governor continues to use his discretion to curry favor with extremist groups such as Right to Life.....

Appointing an unqualified person to the State Medical Board could open the door for lots of questions from any lawyer representing a client that goes before the board. Some lawyers in town would love to tangle with a board of unqualified, untrained appointees.

> Remember the election we had last week?  Apparently, the news has not reached Gov. John Kasich and some members of the Ohio Republican Party. Now the Republicans and Kasich on working on a more restrictive "heartbeat" bill (RH RealityCheck) and an attempt to de-fund Planned Parenthood. Kasich, up for re-election, is apparently trying to lose more female voters than Romney did.