Sunday, December 28, 2008

You win some.....

>>> In summing up the year, the Akron Beacon Journal listed the top news stories for Ohio. Included in those top stories was the win by Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy for the U.S. House for Ohio's 15th district. The Beacon Journal noted that the seat had previously been held by the GOP for 42 years. That makes Kilroy's win even sweeter!

>>> There is nothing that can stop Ella Mae Johnson from going to the inauguration on January 20th---- even though she will be 105 years old. She plans on attending the inauguration in Washington DC with the assistance of a nurse. Read the entire article in the Dispatch.

>>> Central Ohio has lost liberal talk radio. WVKO 1580 AM suddenly became an entirely Catholic radio station. This is the second time that we've lost liberal talk radio here in Columbus. Liberal radio fans will miss Stephanie Miller and Ed Schultz. :( I think many of us are hoping that another station in the area will be able to carry our favorite radio hosts.