Saturday, December 13, 2008


* Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland has been hard at work for the state. Strickland has been touring the state on a "listening" campaign to hear ideas from Ohioans on how to reform school funding. The Toledo Blade has a news story about Strickland's recent stop in the Toledo area:

....Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland is attempting to reform education funding in the state and inch closer to that better place.
He enlisted the help of the Toledo area yesterday with a "Conversation on Education" at WGTE-TV, which was broadcast live on Channel 30.
The governor explained the funding process for the state's public schools, which repeatedly has been ruled unconstitutional, and then posed questions to the approximately 100-member studio audience and those watching at home about how to fix it.....

Hopefully, Strickland will be able to get something done on this important issue.

* Gov. Strickland has been already seeking the help of President-elect Barack Obama, according to

Wall Street's having troubles and so is Main Street, particularly in Ohio. Over the next 2-years, Ohio faces a $7-billion budget deficit and that means layoffs and cuts in services.

13abc's Bill Horman talked with Governor Ted Strickland about the budget problems facing the state. He's proposing a 10-percent across the board budget cut for state agencies, but that still leaves a $4-billion deficit. So the governor says he'll turn to the federal government for help....

Gov. Strickland is not sitting back waiting for something to happen. He is tackling the tough issues and looking for help from the President-elect.