Sunday, December 14, 2008

Roll Up Your Sleeves

* With Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy headed to Congress as the Representative for Ohio's 15th congressional district, some people, like the right-leaning Columbus Dispatch, are trying to declare her win as a fluke. In today's Columbus Dispatch, an article tries to examine the reason she won. Frankly, I don't care how she won. I'm glad she did and that is all that matters. Go, Mary Jo!

* It appears that the Republicans are going to try to fight against President-elect Obama's nomination of Eric Holder as Attorney General, according to With our country in such a mess, it is sad to see the Republicans planning their strategies on how to bring the new administration to an abrupt halt. We cannot allow this to happen. As Americans, it is our responsibility to encourage our elected officials to work for us and for our country. If and when the Republicans start their gridlock moves, we must all respond with phone calls, e-mails, to discourage this behavior. Our country needs help now and we cannot afford gridlock and the politics of distraction. We must all roll up our sleeves and get our country moving again.