Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Listen up!!!

> Republican Speaker of the Ohio House, Jon Husted, is supposedly working to dig up dirt on this past Ohio election so that he can besmirch the work of Ohio Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner, a Democrat. Husted is ambitious and, rumor has it, wants to run for Ohio Secretary of State. You know, of course, Republicans love being Ohio Secretary of State so they can control which votes they throw out during every election (just like Kenneth Blackwell). In case Husted hasn't noticed, the election in Ohio was good. The only problems arose when the Ohio GOP filed frivolous lawsuits to try to dismantle same day registration-voting and the Stivers provisional ballot suits.
By the way, has anyone determined where Husted really lives? Does he reside in that empty house in his "district" or with his family in Upper Arlington? Don't you think that some reporters should do some investigative reports about his residency?

> If you watched the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, you saw the story this evening about how Karen Hughes, Karl Rove, and other Bush loyalists were trying to improve Bush's legacy. As Maddow said, apparently these legacy re-writers haven't heard of "The Google." It is truly idiotic that these people think they can change how Bush's terms will be recorded in history. There are several words that come to mind when I think of the legacy of George W. Bush, and here are a few of them------ failure, recession, unnecessary war, illegal wiretaps, torture, etc. I'm sure you too can think of other words to describe the Bush administration.

> I'd like to send out a special message to the Ohio Supreme Court (just in case they actually read this, which I doubt): Pleeeeeeeeeeease settle the provisional voting issues for the election for Ohio's 15th district. There are 27,000 other votes, besides these 1,000 provisionals, that must be counted for Franklin County.

> The Ohio Republicans are holding up the bonus for military veterans. Is this their way of showing us that they support the troops? People need this money.

> More car dealerships have closed in Ohio. I did see on TV that some car dealership was selling two pick up trucks for the price of one. Even though the dealership took a loss, at least they got some trucks sold.

> Have you heard that Jeb Bush is considering running for Senate after Mel Martinez retires? Aren't we experiencing Bush fatigue? Enough with the Bush family! I want to know if we have to continue to see Billy Bush on TV after "W" leaves office.