Thursday, September 04, 2014

The Reality

Ohio's economy is in the toilet under the leadership of Republican John Kasich:

> Ohio's job growth is so bad that now the state is ranked 36th in the nation.

> People are still out of work, college grads are forced to leave the state to find jobs, and Ohioans are more productive but losing out on payday. The only kinds of jobs that do appear are mostly minimum wage, part-time jobs.

> Women have lost reproductive rights with the Republicans now dictating what gynecological procedures and medications are available for women.

> Massive budget cuts have forced communities to lay off firefighters, police, and teachers. Communities have been forced to have citizens vote for operating funds to maintain services which has lead to higher local taxes.

> Public schools have lost millions of dollars in state support so that money can be diverted to an ever increasing number of charter schools.  Meanwhile, charter school owners are only getting wealthier, while the children in their charters perform at lower levels than their public school peers. 

> The wealthy have enjoyed massive tax cuts. The few extra bucks per month the middle class gets doesn't even cover the increase in sales tax signed into law by Kasich.

> Privatization in correctional facilities has produced problems with a lack of staffing and maggots in food.

> Kasich's disrespect for unions, teachers, firefighters, and police has demoralized the middle class.

> Despite his lack of support for the rescue of the American auto industry, Kasich is always available for photo opportunities at auto plants.


We don't need four more years of John Kasich as Governor.