Wednesday, September 17, 2014

No Debates???

Those of us that are familiar with John Kasich, Governor of Ohio, know that he is an arrogant person.
Now that he has refused to debate Democratic candidate, Ed Fitzgerald, more people might realize it.
After the Kasich campaign announced that they would not participate in any debates, the Fitzgerald campaign released some info.


...On Tuesday,  Kasich’s campaign announced it was walking away from debate negotiations with Democratic challenger Ed FitzGerald....
“He’s not accepting the challenge because his handlers know that when the Governor is forced to speak on his feet he reveals his disdain for working Ohioans and he is unable to defend his record of helping his wealthy friends at the expense of Ohio’s middle class,” says Laura Hitt, FitzGerald’s campaign spokesperson.  

But Kasich isn’t the only Ohio Republican ditching debates this year.  Attorney General Mike DeWine, Secretary of State Jon Husted, and State Treasurer Josh Mandel have all declined to participate in the City Club of Cleveland’s debate series....

This should make every voter in Ohio very suspicious of what the Republican Party has in their plans that they are unwilling to share with the people. Are the Republicans are so certain of their re-elections that they are afraid to be exposed to questions submitted by the press and the people?

Vote against the hubris of the Republicans. Vote for Democrats.