Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Trying to Stop Voters in Ohio?

Yes. You'd better believe it. The Republicans are doing their best to discourage women, minorities, and Democrats from voting. The GOP is against raising the minimum wage, reproductive rights for women, equal pay for women, marriage equality, solving the immigration problem, funding public schools, funding higher education, funding science, providing help for the poor and disabled, etc., etc. The Grand Old Party has become more interested in turning back the clock than progress. Since they are unwilling to work to attract new voters, they've decided to try to block people that traditionally vote for Democrats.

Democratic Underground and

In a conference call with reporters on Wednesday, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown said it is "clear as a bell" that Republicans have a national plan to suppress voter turnout and that Ohio is a key part of it.
That's why Brown, who was Ohio's chief election official when he served as Secretary of State, says he plans to help Democrat Nina Turner's bid this year to win that position from Republican incumbent Jon Husted.

He said their efforts to cut back voting hours and repeal voting laws that GOP-controlled state legislatures passed 10 years ago show the Republican party has shifted to the right.....

The GOP can't win with you so they'll try to stop you from voting.

> Ohioans are wondering what the heck Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is doing inserting his nose where it doesn't belong.

•  When a woman accused DeWine's friend of sexual harassment, the Attorney General personally questioned the woman. The Republican-loving Dispatch even reported about DeWine's participation in the case. What did DeWine ask the woman? Did he tell her that such an accusation would hurt the man? Did he put doubt into her head by questioning her? What was his tone? Was the woman represented by an attorney? I know that if it were my daughter making such accusations, I'd not want someone like Mike DeWine pressuring her to drop the charge.

•  A young man was shot inside an Ohio Walmart . People across the state called for a special prosecutor. For some reason, DeWine got heavily involved and has refused to release the store's video showing the actual shooting. Plunderbund has raised lots of questions about this.

In other news, Ohio Medicaid has been screwing over the caregivers that visit and check in on the sick and elderly. Isn't just like a Republican administration to withhold paychecks for low income workers? There is more on this story at the Dispatch.

Did you know that Ohio ranks 36th in jobs growth? You can view the details here.