Thursday, August 28, 2014

Central Ohio Voters

Voters in Franklin County must make sure that they get out there and vote for Democrats. Here is what we face----

The Dispatch calls attention to the fact in the headline, 'All 4 incumbents in Franklin County's 8 judicial races are Kasich appointees'. Franklin County, which is heavily Democratic, does not need John Kasich to pick our judges.

Here are the Franklin County Democratic Party's endorsed candidates:

2014 Endorsed Candidates

Click on their names to go to learn more about our endorsed candidates!

·         US Congress Ohio 3rd District: Joyce Beatty
·         US Congress Ohio 12th District: David Tibbs
·         US Congress Ohio 15th District: Scott Wharton

STATE·         Governor and Lt. Governor: Ed Fitzgerald and Sharon Neuhardt
·         State Attorney General: David Pepper
·         State Auditor: John Patrick Carney
·         Secretary of State: Nina Turner
·         State Treasurer: Connie Pillich
·         Supreme Court: Tom Letson
·         Supreme Court: John P O’Donnell
·         Court of Appeals (10th District): Tim Horton
·         Court of Appeals (10th District): Mary Jo Kilroy
·         Court of Appeals (10th District): Jennifer Brunner
·         Senate District 3: Star Johnson
·         Senate District 15: Charleta B Tavares
·         Senate District 19: Neil Patel
·         House District 17: Mike Curtin
·         House District 18: Michael Stinziano
·         House District 19: Michael Johnston
·         House District 20: Heather Bishoff
·         House District 21: Dawn Valasco
·         House District 22: David Leland
·         House District 23: Rick Redfern
·         House District 24: Kathy Hoff
·         House District 25: Kevin Boyce
·         House District 26: Hearcel Craig

COUNTY·         Franklin County Commissioner: Marilyn Brown
·         Franklin County Auditor: Michael Schadek
·         Court of Common Pleas: David Young
·         Court of Common Pleas: William H Woods
·         Court of Common Pleas: Thomas F Hayes
·         Court of Common Pleas: Chris Brown
·         Court of Common Pleas: Monica Hawkins
·         Court of Common Pleas Domestic Division: James W Brown

You might want to print the list or copy down the names for election day.

>>> Plunderbund has found an interesting tidbit about Republican Attorney General Mike DeWine:

On multiple occasions Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has criticized his Democratic opponent David Pepper for lacking experience, claiming Pepper has a “lack of courtroom knowledge” and “precious little experience in any kind of serious litigation.”   

Funny stuff when you realize that Mike DeWine “was not allowed to practice law from Sept. 15, 1997, until April 10, 2007″ because his Ohio law license was inactive, according to today’s Plain Dealer.  

This may help explain the every growing list of legal mistakes DeWine has made since taking office as attorney general, including allowing troopers to operate on non-state property, declaring that Ohio’s voting restrictions were actually constitutional and claiming witnesses of the Steubenville rape were not actually breaking the law by not intervening or reporting the crime....

Wow! It is time for Mike DeWine to go take a refresher course in law.

**** Gov. John Kasich is returning to the location of a Romney rally---Stamco Industries.  Here is what was published in 2012 about that visit.


...Stamco, where Romney will appear Monday, makes parts for truck manufacturers. Republican Rob Portman, often mentioned as a potential running mate for Romney, brought coffee and doughnuts to workers there in November 2010, a few days before winning his U.S. Senate seat.

Responding to Romney's scheduled visit, Jerid Kurtz, a spokesman for the Ohio Democratic Party, noted Romney's opposition to the federal government's bailout of Chrysler and General Motors.

"It's surprising that after opposing President Obama and Sen. Sherrod Brown's rescue of the auto industry, Romney has the nerve to hold a rally at the type of tier II automotive manufacturer he might've harmed," Kurtz said. "One in eight Ohioans' jobs [is] tied to the auto supply chain, and had we followed Romney's advice to 'let Detroit go bankrupt,' manufacturers like Stamco might not be around today to continue to support Ohio's economic comeback."

Kasich wasn't in favor of saving the American auto industry, but he thinks it is okay to visit a place that survived because of it.