Monday, September 22, 2014

Reynoldsburg Schools

The Reynoldsburg School district is experiencing a strike by the teachers. Do you know what they want? Teachers in Reynoldsburg want a limit on class size. The Reynoldsburg BOE has refused to sit down and discuss the number of students in a class, which can range from 30-45 students. That is outrageous! While Reynoldsburg schools have seen cuts to programs, less teachers, the students are the ones suffering. It is nearly impossible to have a quality education, help individual students, maintain discipline, and follow IEPs, when you have classes with more than 25 in a room.

Meanwhile, there are reports that students are using ECOT in class today. ECOT is the online, electronic classroom that is owned and operated by a millionaire and Republican campaign contributor. Surprise! (ECOT's graduation rate: )

If Ohioans don't watch out, Kasich will bring his charter and electronic school owners to every student in Ohio with the same results.

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