Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Stand with Reynoldsburg

It is important that the people of Ohio look at what is happening in Reynoldsburg Schools. With teachers striking for smaller class sizes, the school board is playing games with children's lives. Inattentive, poorly qualified substitutes are in classrooms, online lessons are being used by students, and guards are on patrol in buildings and on school grounds. This is no way to run schools.

If you need an example of what schools would be like under a Kasich-Koch-right wing 'school reform' plan, Reynoldsburg is a clear illustration. Students are unhappy and facing a curriculum that is 'dumbing down' what they learn. This is the agenda of the righties---- simplify materials, reduce discussions, and eliminate highly qualified teachers so that young people will grow up and support Republicans.

Call the Reynoldsburg School Board members, the media, and your neighbors and voice your opposition to the Kasich brand of 'school reform' we see. Stand with teachers and for quality education for students.

For more info on what is happening in Reynoldsburg Schools, check Plunderbund and Twitter.