Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kasich's secrets?

Once again the administration of Ohio Gov. John Kasich has refused a public records release.


....In a blog post, the Checks and Balances Project accuses the administration of evading its request for records concerning Senate Bill 310, which weakened Ohio’s renewable energy standards. The law was crafted by majority Republican lawmakers and signed by Kasich.

Simply put, the Kasich administration said in its response letter to the group, no records exist concerning the Check and Balance Project's areas of inquiry and it failed to sufficiently identify records it sought concerning meetings between the governor’s staff and electrical (coal-burning) utility representatives.

The group was particularly interested in meetings between Kasich staff and conservative stalwarts such as the Koch brothers, the American Legislative Exchange Council and Americans for Prosperity.....

Read the rest of the article to see how the campaign responded.

What are they hiding???  Unfortunately, the sarcasm and arrogance coming from both the governor's office and campaign are just disgusting.

>>> Once again we can see that Kasich's 'Ohio miracle' is not reality. The layoffs in Ohio continue: