Monday, August 18, 2014

On notice...

If you see this while you are shopping at Kroger, would you feel comfortable? In a story posted at
Huffington Post, it has been noted that Kroger is being pressed to ban open carry at their stores.

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 As a lifelong Kroger shopper, I'd leave the store if I saw anyone carrying a weapon in the store that I frequent. I'd also let the manager know that I wouldn't be back until these open carry weapons were banned in the store. Contact the Kroger company and tell them to stand up to these gun people:

> It appears that more and more college graduates from Ohio are leaving the state in order to get jobs. Apparently, the only types of jobs being created by Gov. John Kasich are those that don't require college degrees. Mothers and fathers across the state have seen their college educated sons and daughters leave the state in order to find jobs in their fields.