Friday, May 10, 2013

The Republican Agenda

I've seen similar lists on "The Real Republican Agenda" posted at various websites. Here is one from the comment section of the  Times Union:

....These are the goals of today’s Republican Party

1) Dismantle Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid
2) Reinstate the \”Don’t Ask / Don’t Tell\” law
3) Ban all state same-sex marriage laws
4) Reduce taxes on the rich and corporations
5) Shrink programs that help the poor
6) Cut off federal medical assistance for people without insurance
7) Eliminate programs that provide international aid and assistance
8) Abolish the SEC and other federal programs that regulate the securities and banking industries
9) Abolish the EPA and all environmental regulations
10) Abolish the Department of Education
11) Make all abortions illegal
12) Eliminate support for Planned Parenthood and other women’s rights groups
13) Ban the birth control pill
14) Weaken child labor laws, allowing younger teens to work longer hours
15) Destroy public labor unions
16) Weaken all unions
17) Create laws to make voting and registering to vote more difficult
18) Regulate speech and Internet communications
19) Destroy PBS and National Public Radio
20) Eliminate all public funding for the arts
21) Reduce spending on infrastructure
22) Establish Christianity as the national religion for the USA
23) Ban all Muslims from entering the US or becoming citizens....

I'm sure you've seen similar lists. Unfortunately, these types of items do appear to be the types of legislation that the GOP continues to pursue.  The Republicans just want moderates, and liberals to surrender to their increasingly more conservative demands. Frankly, I'm not interested in surrendering my rights to a bunch of mostly white, rich, old, out of touch, self-centered, men of the Republican Party.


>>> Just when you thought the Republicans couldn't sink any lower, you read this---

...During an interview with Bloomberg TV, Boehner was asked about this week's vote on the Full Faith and Credit Act, which, in the event that the U.S hits its debt ceiling, would direct the treasury secretary to pay only the principal and interest owed to bondholders before making any other payments. Money for other payments, such as those for veterans, Medicare and national security, would have to be divvied up from what remained of the scarce federal funds....

....When show host Peter Cook asked if Boehner's comments mean that, as Democrats have suggested, Republicans are basically choosing to pay China before paying U.S. troops, Boehner didn't disagree.....

Wow! Boehner thinks it would be okay to pay our military last, if there was any money left????? The Republican "Pay China First" bill  is yet another example of the twisted, cockamamie ideas that have been hatched by Boehner, Cantor, and the rest of their ilk.

(h/t Chris Hayes -MSNBC, All In.)