Monday, May 06, 2013

College Students and the Right to Vote

Ohio Republicans are working on denying college students their right to vote where they attend college. Tonight, Rachel Maddow pointed out a 1979 court case, United States v. Symm, affirmed the right of college students to vote in their college towns.

Think Progress:

In 1979, the Supreme Court upheld a decision holding that it is unconstitutional to treat college students any differently than other voters in terms of residency requirements to vote......

While Republicans continue to try to stop college students from voting in many states, it is a sign of their desperation.  Some laws proposed by the GOP would raise taxes on the parents of students who vote in their college towns, and would be viewed as a poll tax. This is also against the our laws. 


Aren't you tired of lobbyists like the NRA trying to control our laws? If a huge majority of Americans support background checks for gun ownership, we should have those kinds of laws.