Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The GOP "fringe"

Why are some Ohio Republicans so against unions, work safety, fair wages, overtime pay, and the rights of workers? Is it something inherent in the doctrine of the Republican Party? Do Republicans view middle class workers as peons, peasants, and 2nd class citizens subject to the whims of bosses and business owners?  It seems that way.

Thomas Suddes writes about the "fringe" element of the Ohio GOP and their desires to destroy the lives of workers. PlainDealer:

...thanks to politically safe General Assembly districts, two dozen GOP legislators, say, might as well be from Mars rather than Ohio. 

Unlike most Ohioans, this "fringe beyond the fringe" seems to want to police Ohio bedrooms; or interfere with women's (constitutionally guaranteed) reproductive rights; or fetter labor unions, though the percentage of workers nationally who are union members was 11.3 percent in 2012. In 1983, it was 20.1 percent. 

.... nationwide, union members had "median usual weekly earnings" of $943 -- $49,036 a year. Nonunion members' median was $742 ($38,584 a year). That is, right-to-work would cut incomes in a state whose household income statistics lag the nation's.... 

Any person that knows about the results of right-to-work legislation is aware of the lost wages and rights that workers see under such laws. The only winners are the bosses and company owners who get more profits and have more opportunities to push workers around.

An elected official that supports and votes for right-to-work legislation is no friend of teachers, fire fighters, police officers, skilled trade workers, or any member of the middle class. Ron Maag, Kristina Roegner, and other GOPers that push right-to-work legislation should be ashamed of themselves for disrespecting the dedication of the men and women that make Ohio work. We've rejected SB 5 and we don't want to visit this b.s. again. I hope that the good people of Ohio reject this power grab by these "fringe" Republicans.

>>>>  Looks like Gov. John Kasich continues to be a big supporter of fracking, despite various communities trying to ban it. (See Vindicator.) Would Kasich support fracking in his neighborhood?

**** Nepotism? A recent news story in the Dispatch revealed a "Sarah Schenck" from the Ohio Attorney General's office had been assigned to a case. A comment from a reader noted that William "Bill" Schenck is Attorney General Mike DeWine's "closest adviser."
Is this how you get jobs in this Ohio Republican administration? Does a lobbyist daughter still work for Josh Mandel's Treasurer's office????