Wednesday, May 22, 2013

More Evidence

The Republicans continue to advance their draconian budget. Don't worry. They've given  their own operating budget an increase in funds.


Republicans controlling the House pressed ahead Tuesday with slashing cuts to domestic programs far deeper than the cuts departments like Education, Interior and State are facing under an already painful round of automatic austerity.

Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security and the Pentagon would be spared under the plan approved by the House Appropriations Committee on a party-line vote, but legislation responsible for federal firefighting efforts and Indian health care would absorb a cut of 18 percent below legislation adopted in March....

....Capitol Hill's budget would be untouched, however. House GOP leaders, who have boasted recently of their efforts to cut Congress' generous budget, opted against cutting further below levels imposed under the automatic, across-the-board spending cuts that began taking effects in March. In fact, the House would get a 1.6 percent budget increase when measured against current levels....

House Republicans have displayed their hand. They don't care about Native American health, school children, college students, the middle class, our parks, protecting our State Department employees and assets, or helping everyday Americans. The Paul Ryan brigade in the House of Representatives is more interested in promoting their right wing ideology than helping Americans. This is just more evidence that the Republicans do not need to be in a majority in the the House or the Senate. Rather than work on ending loopholes for corporations, creating jobs, or re-building our infrastructure, the GOP wants to make your life miserable while they reward themselves and their friends.


 Ohio GOP Gov. John Kasich is already in full mode for his re-election campaign. While he talks up how he supports veterans in various Memorial Day events across the state, his voting record in the area of our military veterans was definitely not honorable.

In this blog, on May 18, 2010, I wrote about John Kasich's voting record when he served in the U.S. House of Representatives.:

According to VoteSmart, Kasich voted against the bill that included---
Department of Veteran Affairs- $17.92 billion for the Veterans Benefits Administration- $15.85 billion for the Veterans Health Administration

Luckily, the bill passed even though Kasich voted against it. Perhaps Kasich would have voted for the bill if it had been for Wall Street veterans instead of our military veterans.

Kasich's voting record was pathetic on issues pertaining to education, families, children, veterans, seniors, health issues, women, labor, and issues important to everyday people.(See ratings posted at Vote Smart.) Why should anyone believe that Kasich will support regular people over his Wall Street and right wing friends? He never supported real people in the past.

Actions speak louder than words.