Friday, November 21, 2008


Tomorrow is the Ohio State vs Michigan game here in Columbus, Ohio. It will be an exciting game. It will also be very, very cold. I'll be there wearing scarlet and gray.

* It will be at least another weak until we hear more on the lawsuit filed by the Republican candidate for Ohio's 15th Congressional district. We need to get on with the counting of the 27,000+ provisional votes from Franklin County. Mary Jo Kilroy and those of us who voted for her, demand that votes be counted! Why is Stivers being such an obstructionist? We have work to do in this country and we need to get on with it.

* The state is buzzing about Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland's school funding plan. According to WCMH-TV, Strickland will reveal his new school plans in early 2009.

* Today on the Stephanie Miller Show, Stephanie and the Mooks kept playing the song "Nobody Does It Better" as a tribute to Republican leader, John Boehner. Under Boehner's leadership, Republicans have lost almost 50 seats. Wow. Boehner is good. He should stay as their leader.