Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jennifer Brunner Deserves Our Thanks

Just before the general election, Republican Rep. John Boehner started to attack Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner. Boehner appealed to President Bush to protect the votes in Ohio. The Republicans even went as far as the U.S. Supreme Court to complain about Brunner and her work to protect Ohio voters.

Because of the vicious attacks by Boehner and Ohio Republicans, Brunner, a Democrat, has had numerous death threats and harassing phone calls. Now Brunner has a security detail protecting her and her family (Coshocton Tribune).

Why would the Republicans raise concerns about a Democrat as the Ohio election chief? The Republicans are desperate to control elections and the counting of ballots in the state. Do you remember how former Ohio Sec. of State Kenneth Blackwell, a Republican, was able to deliver votes for George W. Bush? Now the Republicans have started a complete aggressive campaign to tarnish Brunner's reputation because they want some Republican like Jon Husted to be in charge of elections in Ohio.

Ohio voters need to look at our most recent election and realize that early voting was great and people actually had their votes counted this time. Brunner's hard work protected votes and made voting accessible. Brunner deserves our thanks and admiration.