Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Still No Decision in Ohio's 15th

With everyone waiting for the decision on the provisional ballots from the federal court, there were questions about why Republican supporters of Steve Stivers sued over the ballots.

The Columbus Free Press suggests that Matt Damschroeder, Republican, may have provided some insider info on the provisional ballots to the Ohio GOP and the Stivers campaign. Damschroeder, the Deputy Director of the Franklin County Board of Elections, has been at the center of voting problems in the past.

The Columbus Free Press reminds us of Damschroeder's activities:

...With the help of Matt Damschroeder, Deputy Director of the Franklin County Board of Elections, the GOP has used a range of insider information to challenge about a thousand provisional ballots cast in heavily Democratic areas of the district. In particular they argue that a minor voter omission on the ballots should disqualify them. If they win that case, Stivers might well take the seat....

....Prior to that (2004) election, while acting as Director of the Franklin County BOE, Damshroeder accepted a $10,000 check from a Diebold representative in his office at the BOE. The board was deciding at the time whether or not to buy Diebold machines.

Damshroeder asked that the check be made out to the Franklin County Republican Party. When the incident surfaced in the media, he apologized for the "impropriety." But the GOP kept the check. And Damshroeder was "punished" with one month's paid leave, even though Democrats could have had him removed....

It is time for Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner to remove Damschroeder from his role in the Board of Elections. He has been at the center of too many voting problems.

Please keep hope alive for Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy, candidate for Ohio's 15th.