Monday, November 24, 2008

It is Monday.....and the Buckeyes Beat Michigan, again.

The Dispatch has an update on Ohio's 15th congressional district vote counting:
The Franklin County Board of Elections trudged onward yesterday through a pile of questionable ballots with some races still undecided....
...The votes considered yesterday were separate from the 1,000 or so provisional ballots under scrutiny because people made mistakes such as not printing and signing their names on the ballot envelopes....
....The provisional ballots can't be counted until a federal appeals ruling expected this week.

I'm sure that Republican candidate, Steve Stivers, will appeal again, if he doesn't get his way. Keep pulling for Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy.

> Does anyone else think that Republican Rep. John Boehner has become irrelevant and out of touch with average Americans? Boehner and his Republican pals continue to push their right wing agenda. Hello, Boehner! We've had 8 years of your party's control and now we have the greatest economic failures since the Great Depression. To Boehner and the rest of the old, crabby GOP---- thanks, but no thanks.

> Yes. Ohio State beat Michigan again. Go Bucks!