Friday, November 07, 2008

The GOP Represents the Past

The Republican Party members are still trying to figure out what happened in Tuesday's election. I can honestly tell them that the reason they lost was because they relied on their party's methods from the 1950's. The Republicans still hold Reagan as their hero. Many young people today have no idea about Reagan. I lived through the Reagan administration and I never liked his administration. The Republicans had campaign offices that worked only certain days and never on the weekends. The Obama campaign and Democrats had volunteers staffing call centers in every county seven days per week.

What message did the Republicans put out there for voters? If the McCain-Palin rallies are an indication of their message, it was intolerance, racism, lies, and a myth about a guy who really wasn't a plumber. People are tired of these old messages and are ready for new direction, new messages, and a better life. The Republicans are just old, white, and full of people still stuck in the past.

I'd like to congratulate all the volunteers that were involved in the Obama campaign. Our work, passion, and determination will provide real change for us and our children. Yes we did!