Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Save Ohio Jobs

Gov. John Kasich and the Ohio GOP have successfully hidden details of what is really happening at Kasich's pet, JobsOhio.  Kasich and the GOP don't want anyone to audit JobsOhio. Apparently, Ohio Republicans are allergic to transparency.

The steelworkers are questioning why Kasich has refused to save the 1,000 jobs at the Ormet plant in Hannibal, Ohio.  The Digital Journal reports that the steelworkers at Ormet have started a website, www.saveohiojobs.org, in an effort to push for action to retain these good jobs in Ohio. Under Kasich, Ohio is now 44th in job creation in the nation. Why is Kasich so reluctant to save these jobs and the community? Is Kasich against saving these jobs because these are union jobs?