Monday, November 18, 2013

Ohio Mess?

Plunderbund has details on Gov. John Kasich's messed up Medicaid sign up web page.


....Kasich’s Medicaid website makes it impossible to enroll in Medicaid at the moment....

....Kasich’s, however, will quickly and reliably reject qualified applicants. Its computers don’t reflect the Medicaid expansion, and they won’t until December 9 (yeah, sure they will).

Unlike the federal website (which lets you know that there’s a problem) Kasich’s website just tells people that they don’t qualify for Medicaid and sends them away.  It doesn’t hold on to their application, and they won’t be reprocessing their applications once the database is fixed.  On top of that, the new website is 100% politically motivated....

Wow! The Ohio Medicaid sign up sounds like it was designed by a Tea Party Republican!

**** More Ohio layoffs have been posted at ODJFS.  This time Cenveo will layoff 77 workers.  Note to GOP p.r. people----There has been no Ohio "miracle" under Gov. John Kasich.