Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ohio Charter Schools Failing

Ohio charter schools have expanded this year under the support of Gov. John Kasich and the Ohio GOP. More of the private operators have moved in with the intention of what appears to be making money off of our taxes.  More charter schools have closed because of not enough students, poor fiscal management, not paying staff, and other problems.


After resigning this year as superintendent of a financially troubled Internet charter school amid allegations of nepotism, James McCord had a new plan, and it again involved a charter school employing him and his family....

....By the time the Olympus schools closed, one had only four confirmed students; another had five; another, six. In all, the eight schools had a total of 128 students show up.

That’s about two students for each Olympus and EII employee. The state paid Olympus based on an estimate of 700 students....

Will we ever get back that $1.2 million from this operator?  Read the whole article at this Dispatch link and you'll feel just as disgusted as I am.

In another news item from last week, the Dispatch provides details on other charter schools closing. 
This is just a horrible way to spend our tax dollars!