Friday, November 08, 2013

Note This!!!!

Plunderbund has more info on how the Springboro voters tossed out some of the tea party members on their school board.

*  Hungry children cannot learn. Someone needs to tell that to a school district in Texas. Check out the circumstances where a child was denied breakfast: Raw Story.

* The Republican shutdown of the government was disastrous on many levels. Those responsible should never hold public office again. The shutdown cost us over $2 billion, according to the MinnPost.

>>> In a letter to the editor of the Newark Advocate, the writer notes a lack of any "...significant piece of legislation ever produced by Pat Tiberi...."

This is true. Tiberi is great at parades and speaking in front of special groups, but he rarely speaks in front of regular people (unless they are members of the Chamber of Commerce or the county GOP).
Personally, I've always viewed Pat Tiberi as someone that just follows Boehner's orders.