Friday, February 17, 2012

Ohio Politics

***  State Sen. Mike Duffey (District 21) has had a lot of negative press recently because of his lack of response to the letters, and contact with his constituents. Several recent letters to the editor of the Suburban News show that people in Worthington have become frustrated with Duffey's lack of interest in the views and concerns of his constituents. With some highly regarded Democrats running in the primary, could Duffey's tenure be one term?  Along with Mike Duffey's support of SB5 and his total support of the Kasich agenda, people are disgusted by his arrogance and lack of interest.

Since Mike Duffey was a loyal supporter of Kasich's agenda, and Kasich helped Duffey campaign, should we assume that Kasich and Duffey are united in their plans for our state?  Will Duffey continue to support Kasich's attacks on public schools?

* Ohio's Treasure, Josh "on the road again" Mandel, continues to get Ohioans worried about his lack of devotion to his current job.  Mandel appears to spend every waking moment he is not at his desk at 30 East Broad Street in downtown Columbus, on the campaign trail begging for money for his next campaign. With multiple trips to Washington DC to hang out with lobbyists, and his trips to a large number of private parties and receptions, questions are being asked about his focus on the state's finances. Josh Mandel was in Cleveland on Thursday night at a get together with another out of touch Republican, Mitt Romney (WTAM).

Speaking of Romney..... 
Mitt Romney made a suggestion that only a wealthy heir could make.
Raw Story:

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney suggested to a group of business people in Michigan on Thursday that entrepreneurs should ask their parents for money instead of using loans from the federal government.

In a speech to the Greater Farmington Area Chamber of Commerce, the former Massachusetts governor blasted the Obama administration for trying to jump start renewable energy with government loans to companies like Solyndra......

......Although the Obama administration did approve funds for Solyndra, the loan process began under President George W. Bush’s administration....

I guess if your parents have boatloads of money like Romney's  you just ask them if they could spare a few hundred thousand to play with in starting up a company. Oh yeah, that is realistic.  Most parents today have difficulty maintaining their own lives.  Romney lives in a bubble.