Friday, February 10, 2012

Mandel's Buddies Making Up Facts

* The continuing story of "Where is Josh Mandel, Ohio Treasurer?" continues to be of concern to Ohioans.  Mandel's trips to DC, Hawaii, Vegas, Florida, Houston, Colorado are making people wonder how he is able to travel so much and neglect his work in Ohio.

Now, a new ad in support of Republican Josh Mandel's latest campaign is raising some eyebrows because of the gross inaccuracies.
Here is the response from the Ohio Democratic Party:

Narrator:  “Obamacare will kill jobs.  Sherrod Brown was a deciding vote for Obamacare.  Brown was the architect of the controversial public option.”

Politifact: Claim That Health Care Reform Kills Jobs Is “False.”  In January 2011, Politifact wrote “Poll after poll shows Americans' top concerns are the economy and jobs, which explains why Republicans have labeled the health care law as ‘job-killing.’"  Politifact continued, “The phrase suggests a massive decline in employment, but the data doesn't support that. The Republican evidence is extrapolated from a report that was talking about a reduction in the labor supply rather than the loss of jobs, or based on measures that weren't included in the final health care law. We rate the statement False.”  [Politifact, 01/20/11] Claims That Health Care Reform Will Kill Jobs “Misrepresents The Facts,” Is “Exaggerated And Misleading.”  In January 2011, wrote the job-killing claim on health care reform  “misrepresents” the facts. further noted “But is the health care law really ‘job-killing’ as claimed? We find that to be another case of exaggerated and misleading labeling.” [, 1/7/11]
AP Fact Check: “Estimate Of Health Care Job Losses Sketchy.”  In January 2011, the Associated Press reported “Republicans pushing to repeal health care overhaul legislation warn that 650,000 jobs will be lost if the law is allowed to stand.  But the widely cited estimate by House GOP leaders is the latest creative use of statistics in the health care debate…”  The Associated Press went on to note “The Republican translation doesn't track, says economist Paul Fronstin of the nonpartisan Employee Benefit Research Institute. ‘People voluntarily working less isn't the same as employers cutting jobs,’ he says.  For example, CBO said some people might decide to retire earlier because it would be easier to get health care, instead of waiting until they become eligible for Medicare at age 65.” [Associated Press, 1/24/11]
Columbus Dispatch Ad Watch: No Independent Study Had Demonstrated That Health Care Reform Will Cost Jobs.  In a September 2010 ad watch on the Ohio Attorney General’s race, The Columbus Dispatch reported “No independent study has demonstrated that the health reforms will increase unemployment…”  [Columbus Dispatch, 09/30/10].....

Call your local TV station and tell them this ad is false and inaccurate.  Here are a few telephone numbers to get you started:
Columbus WBNS-TV: (614) 460-3700
Columbus  WSYX-TV: (614) 481-6666
Columbus WCMH-TV: (614) 263-5555
Cleveland WKYC-TV: (614) 344-3333
Dayton Fox 45:  (937) 263-4500
Cincinnati WLWT: (513) 412-5000

You Tube video on Josh Mandel:

**** John Kasich's State of the State speech has been called everything under the sun ==== except good. The Youngstown Vindicator had the best headline on Kasich's speech:

Kasich's Winged Speech Crashes and Burns

How true.