Thursday, February 23, 2012

He did it again!!!!

Josh Mandel, Ohio Treasurer and Republican candidate for the Senate, missed his 14th Deposit Board meeting in a row.  Every previous Ohio Treasurer has attended meeting as they served in the office, but Josh "hardly working" Mandel has yet to attend one of these meetings.

Just a few weeks after taking the oath of office as state treasurer in 2011, Mandel decided that he wanted to run for Senate, even though he had promised to serve his full term as treasurer.  How does Josh Mandel spend his time?  Josh Mandel has flown all over the country collecting campaign money, rubbing elbows with lobbyists, and getting to know big contributors.

The Huffington Post has a story about Josh Mandel's work ethic:

Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel hopes to unseat Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) in this year's election, but state Democrats think Mandel has an odd way of carrying out his current job responsibilities. They point out that he has repeatedly skipped meetings of a board that oversees billions in Ohio government bank deposits.

After Mandel did not attend his 14th straight Board of Deposit meeting Wednesday night, Ohio Democrats were especially harsh in criticizing Mandel's work ethic.

“Josh Mandel's complete and total neglect of his job as Treasurer is a constant reminder of how unfit he is for public office and his obsession with a promotion is evidence of just how little he cares about his obligation to Ohio's taxpayers,” said Justin Barasky, Ohio Democratic Party press secretary and Brown's spokesman, in a statement. “There's not a Treasurer in America more willfully neglecting his responsibilities as a public servant and it's far past time for Josh Mandel to check his out of control political ambition at the door and start putting Ohioans first."

Where was Josh Mandel today instead of the deposit meeting?

The future of health savings accounts will hinge on what happens to health care reform, Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel said Thursday to a Lima/Allen County Chamber of Commerce group.....

Here is the announcement for the event held today that was attended by Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel.
Lima Chamber of Commerce:

Thursday, February 23, 2012
11:30 AM to 1:00 PM


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Online registration open until 2/23/2012

Event Description

Check out our newest event to join our program line-up!  Connections focuses on bringing together mid-upper level management, business owners and company Presidents/CEOs.  This quarterly program is designed to help build your professional contacts while providing education on specific topics of relevance. 

A New Trend in Medical Insurance - Understanding Health Savings Plans
February 23, 2011


Shawnee Country Club


February's topic will focus on the benefits of Wellness Programs and will feature a panel discussion:
For questions or additional information contact Debbie Tierney at 419.222.6045 or
*Registration cancellations must be received one week prior.*


Most people would have thanked the Chamber for the invitation but declined because of job commitments.  Unfortunately, Treasurer Josh Mandel will accept any invitation even if it interferes with his elected office.