Thursday, December 01, 2011

Was Kasich paid for his results at Lehman?

***  Gov. John Kasich has another dumb idea.


Doctors should be rewarded for their results and not by the number of people they treat, Ohio Gov. John Kasich tells Newsmax.TV.

“How many people can you get through the door is not the way we ought to be doing it,” Kasich said during the exclusive interview. “We ought to be paying people on the basis of the fact that you get better outcomes if people are healthier.....

I'm sure that Oncologists and those physicians that treat people with terminal diseases would be against such a proposal.  I wonder what the Ohio State Medical Association Political Action Committee (OSMAPAC) thinks about Kasich's idea since they are such big supporters of Republicans. Once again, Gov. Kasich has demonstrated that he knows nothing about patient care.  We'll just add this to the list of things that Kasich is ignorant about:  public education, collective bargaining, his approval rating, and, (since he doesn't read Ohio newspapers) the lives and struggles of the people in Ohio.

* Despite what the Republican Governor of Ohio says, there were more layoffs in Ohio in November 2011.

Business Courier:

After falling sharply in October, planned layoffs in Ohio rose in November.
Ohio employers announced 381 job cuts in November, up from 172 in October.....

Kasich continues to make up his own job numbers.

>>>>>  Republican Josh Mandel and his supporters are drawing a lot of negative attention for doctoring pictures of Sen. Sherrod Brown.


First comes the U.S. Chamber of Commerce ad with a picture of a U.S. senator badly in need of a shave. Except representatives of the senator, Democrat Sherrod Brown of Ohio, say the Chamber of Commerce manipulated an Associated Press photo that showed a clean-shaven senator, doctoring it to made him look shifty.....

...You can see the comparison below, or watch the ad. The three-day shadow on Brown's face is prompting lots of indignation from the Ohio Democratic Party and Brown backers. The Brown campaign calls it "a dirty trick."

The Brown campaign, of course, is so outraged over this that it made an offer today to supporters: Contribute $25 or more to Brown's reelection campaign "and we'll send you a REAL photo of Sherrod, with a personalized autograph, so you KNOW it's authentic."

The Ohio Democratic Party has a response for the Mandel slime machine:

Nonpartisan Fact-Check Organizations Continue To Repeatedly Debunk False Mandel Attacks, TV-Ads Against Sherrod Brown
COLUMBUS, OHIO – With Ohio’s part-time Treasurer struggling to last more than a week without being forced to address a new legal or ethical violation, Josh Mandel and outside groups are launching numerous false and misleading attacks against Senator Sherrod Brown. Apparently not content with simply distorting Sherrod’s record, they’ve even taken to distorting his picture.
Below is a side by side of the original Associated Press photo and one recently altered in the latest false attack ad launched to prop up Josh Mandel. Yes—a beard was added in.
But whether the ads echo Josh Mandel’s support for a plan to end Medicare as we know it, or his refusal to sign onto a plan that would lower the deficit by ending massive tax breaks for Big Oil, they all have one thing in common. The attacks are false, misleading and have been blasted by non-partisan, independent fact-check organizations as “ridiculous,” and “inaccurate.”

Josh Mandel is the candidate for the 1%, not for the 99%.