Friday, December 02, 2011

Another Dumb Quote from Gingrich

*  Newt Gingrich is a buffoon, and clearly someone that wants to have an elite class being served by destitute, poor, children.  Is Gingrich trying to bring to life the characters in Oliver Twist?


Republican presidential frontrunner Newt Gingrich believes poor kids have no work ethic -- unless it comes to doing something illegal.....

...'Really poor children in really poor neighborhoods have no habits of working and nobody around them who works,' Mr Gingrich told fundraisers Thursday night at a dinner outside Des Moines, Iowa. 

'So they literally have no habit of showing up on Monday. They have no habit of staying all day. They have no habit of "I do this and you give me cash"... unless it's illegal.'

I wonder why Gingrich thinks that slavery child labor is a good thing. Where does he get his information.....Fox News?

*  Many citizens are concerned about the Republican demand for more funding for charter schools. While performance at a majority of the charter schools can be described as less than acceptable, Republican demands for increased aid to the charters is, in my personal opinion, unwarranted.  The Toledo Blade has an editorial about the need for "...the same standards to charter schools that it does to traditional public schools..."


Expanding educational choice in Ohio by increasing state aid to charter schools and voucher programs -- often at the expense of traditional public schools -- is a priority of Gov. John Kasich's administration and many state lawmakers. But if higher subsidies for such options, especially for-profit schools, are not accompanied by tougher standards for oversight and transparency, both students and taxpayers could be harmed rather than helped....

...Meanwhile, horror stories about mismanaged charter schools continue to emerge. A new state audit of a for-profit charter school in Cleveland that closed in 2009 identifies $2.8 million in public money that reportedly was misspent or remains missing. State Auditor Dave Yost seeks more than $266,000 in repayments from the school's founder and sponsor.

The audit says school officials failed to produce even the most basic records of its daily operations. It's hard to imagine that the state Department of Education would have permitted a traditional public school to operate with such impunity.....

A brief look at the performance records at the Ohio Department of Education that compares public schools with charter schools indicates that charter schools are unable to meet or exceed the test results of public schools.  Why do charter schools need more money when they clearly are not supplying needed curriculum or paying their employees properly?  The only beneficiaries of more funding for charter schools are the owners of charter schools.  Charter schools should be called what they are--- corporate profit schools.