Monday, December 05, 2011

The Feud Continues in the Ohio GOP

Now I see why many people have referred to Gov. John Kasich as "King John" in their articles/posts.  Kasich is doing his best to consolidate his power by trying to dump the Chair of the Ohio GOP, Kevin DeWine.  With various newspapers noting the help of Speaker of the Ohio House William Batchelder, Kasich is working behind the scenes to get Kevin DeWine out of office.  Hotlineoncall has noticed the squabble:

...7) There is an intra-party battle going on in Ohio, where GOP Gov. John Kasich and state House Speaker William Batchelder are trying to dump state GOP chair Kevin DeWine...

Some Republican legislators are probably afraid to get in the way of the dispute.

*  The shale drilling people want a deal on the roads they will destroy?


Ohio’s shale-drilling boom might beat a path to economic prosperity, but township trustees and county engineers across the state worry that it also will beat down their roads.

Everyone agrees that the trucks that energy companies will use to haul heavy drilling rigs to remote well sites and haul away millions of gallons of “fracking” wastewater could wear down country roads and bridges. What they don’t agree on is who should pay for any repairs.

Officials with the governor’s office and the Ohio Department of Transportation say they’re holding meetings with energy companies and local officials to get them to agree on a payment plan....

Cities and counties have already had their budgets cut by the Kasich administration.  It seems ridiculous that local governments would have to bear any cost to repairing roads and highways.  Personally, I think that these drilling companies should have to pay a monthly fee to use the roads. That money would then go to those cities and counties for road repairs.  Our tax money should not subsidize this corporate activity in any manner.

*  Word is that many people in the Cleveland area do not like the campaign of Republican Josh Mandel.  While Mandel slings lies and mud at his opponents, he has released little about what he stands for in the political arena.  We do know that he has taken a campaign contribution from a Nazi reenactor, supports the Paul Ryan plan to destroy Medicare, and wants to allow drilling in our state and federal parks.  Other than those few items, Mandel has revealed very little about his goals.  If a man is known by the friends that he keeps, standing with the likes of a Jim DeMint and Nazi reenactors should not calm our fears.