Wednesday, December 07, 2011

More Ohio Politics....

* Banks and insurance companies probably should get rid of their lobbyists because Republican Rep. Steve Stivers (OH-15th) is protecting and assisting their industries.


Rep. Steve Stivers, R-Ohio, has introduced legislation (H.R. 3559) to "prohibit the Federal Insurance Office of the Department of the Treasury and other financial regulators from collecting data directly from an insurance company."

The bill was introduced on Dec. 5.

The legislation was referred to the House Financial Services and Agriculture Committees.....

In other news, Stivers has a Democratic opponent.  WOUB:

Athens City Law Director Pat Lang is going to take a shot at Washington.

Lang announced on his facebook page today that he filed petitions this morning to run for Ohio's 15th congressional district.

The district is currently represented by Republican Steve Stivers......

>>>  Former Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy was correct during the last campaign when she warned us how Stivers would be operating in Congress.  Luckily, Kilroy is running again, but this time in the newly created 3rd district in Ohio (see ONN).

* Did you really want to know how well Gov. Kasich's lobbyist friends are doing?  Plunderbund has all the dirty details about Kasich's BFFs/lobbyists Donald Thibaut and Robert Klaffky, who just happen to be getting deals for companies they represent:

....When Ohio recently sold off a prison to a private operator, the contract went to CCA – one of Thibaut’s clients.

When Kasich made plans to privatize the lottery, he made sure his two best friends got lobbying contracts with the two biggest players. Thibaut got GTECH – the company that actually wrote the original, severely-flawed lottery privatization language that would have exempted them from state taxes.

The other lobbying contract, for Intralot, went to Kasich’s other long-time friend Robert Klaffky. While we don’t have specific numbers, it’s fair to say the lobbyists for this deal – which is still potentially in the works – are pulling down tons of cash on both sides....

 Be sure to read all the background at Plunderbund on the Kasich-Thibaut-Klaffky connection and how that figures into the Ohio GOP infighting. In the end, the people of Ohio lose, while Kasich and his fat cat buddies make out like bandits.

****** The extreme right wing of the Republican Party marched out their heartbeat bill today in the Ohio Senate. The bill is viewed as so extreeeeeeeeeeeeme that it has caused a rift in the Ohio anti-choice groups.  When will Republicans mind their own business about a woman's uterus?  Just as they invade our privacy, I think we should start asking Republican elected males if they use Viagra and other male enhancement drugs.  If they are so interested in our reproductive organs, we should find out about their practices. 

This heartbeat bill will be challenged by the ACLU, according to news reports (Bucyrustelegraph, Reuters, etc.).

The Ohio Democratic Party has come out strong against this right wing heartbeat bill.

....To contact members of the committee, call the Ohio State Senate Switchboad at 1-800-282-0253. Start with the Chair and continue down the list!

The Republican members of the Senate Health, Human Services and Aging committee are:
  • Scott Oelslager, Chair
  • Dave Burke, Vice Chair
  • Troy Balderson
  • Shannon Jones
  • Kris Jordan
  • Peggy Lehner

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • The bill criminalizes a woman’s right to choose – before most women even know they’re pregnant.

  • The bill makes NO exceptions for cases of rape, incest, or when the health of the mother is at risk.

  • This bill puts Ohio women’s health at risk.

  • If this bill passes, Ohio will have the most extreme anti-choice legislation in the country.

  • This bill is so extreme, even Ohio Right to Life won’t endorse it.

  • The bill is unconstitutional. It could drag Ohio into costly federal lawsuits at a time when our state is already facing budget deficits.

  • Instead of focusing on social issues to divide Ohioans, Republicans should work to create jobs and rebuild our economy.....

  • Give them a call, especially  ---- Kris Jordan.