Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Torch Has Been Passed....

Eschaton let us know that change has come. Check out the new and improved White House website.

Here are my reflections on this wonderful day:

* I'm so thankful that we have President Obama and Vice President Biden!
* President Obama's speech was great. Like President Obama said, "....we've got to pick ourselves up, and dust ourselves off...."
* The Obama Family looked so great. I'm so happy for them.
* How is it possible that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court misread the President's oath of office?
* Aretha Franklin is still the Queen!
* Some people are speculating that Cheney may have actually suffered a stroke. It had been reported that he strained his back picking up boxes. Can you actually imagine Cheney doing physical labor with all of his various heart ailments??????
* Estimates are that there were about 2 million people in Washington, DC for the inauguration.

It is a new day.