Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow, Ice, and Snow

* Central Ohio is currently experiencing a horrible winter storm. We've already had several inches of snow, and we are getting ice on top of the snow. More snow is expected later today. The Ohio State University is closed as well as every school district.

* The Marion Star is reporting that President Obama's proposed stimulus package contains money for fixing schools and providing money for education.

* CNN:
An Ohio man who was suspended as the drum major of a band for giving President Obama a nod during last week's inaugural parade is calling it quits.
John Coleman resigned from the Cleveland Firefighters Memorial Pipes & Drums a week after the parade in Washington. Publicity about his suspension had gotten to be too much, he told CNN affiliate WEWS....
...Coleman was seen during the nationally televised January 20 parade nodding toward the new president while marching with the band. A few steps later, he appeared to wave briefly...

Perhaps I don't understand the rules of marching, but I thought he was saluting the President.

* Don't you think it is funny that Rush Limbaugh is against birth control? Aren't you glad that his wives and lovers used birth control? Limbaugh represents old school politics, just like the rest of the old white guy political party of the Republicans.