Tuesday, January 27, 2009


President Barack Obama has been in office one week, and yet some Republican "experts" say that he has done nothing. However, just a few of his executive orders involving clean air and lifting the gag order in reproductive matters signals real change.

Republicans are speaking against President Obama's stimulus package. The GOP would rather let the entire country go down the toilet while they pontificate about their same old tax cuts and other such garbage. The Republicans haven't had a fresh idea in decades.

Even during the Great Depression, President Franklin Roosevelt worked to turn things around. However, the Republicans voted against Roosevelt's programs and legislation time and time again. What would have happened if the Republicans would have had their way with Roosevelt's recovery plan?

[Note: Badger Blues has an excellent blog entry about how the Republicans blocked Roosevelt's Social Security plans. Here are some excerpts from Badger Blues:

...It (Social Security) was passed against solid Republican opposition. 99% of the Republicans in the House tried to kill the Social Security Act....

....In 1939, the Democrats proposed extending Social Security benefits to dependents and survivors of retired workers. Three-quarters of the Republican Congressional delegation voted against the bill...

...In 1950, the Democrats voted to extend Social Security benefits to the disabled, but 89% of the Republican delegation voted against the proposal. The Republicans still controlled the legislature, and the proposal was defeated.....

(Social Security for the disabled was finally passed in 1956 when Democrats controlled Congress.)]

In this time of economic turmoil in our country, we have to take bold steps to move toward massive re-employment. We cannot allow ourselves to get stopped by the Republicans and their inability to think and innovate. If they won't support President Obama's stimulus package and plans to get people back to work, then let the GOP and their followers sit by and twiddle their thumbs while the rest of us accomplish something.