Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Green" Jobs Could Boost Ohio Economy

Environment News Service:

....the nonprofit advocacy group Environment Ohio issued a report that estimates the environmental benefits to the state and the nation of such a $150 billion investment....

.....Among the recommendations in the report are weatherizing U.S. homes and businesses, training workers for new, clean energy industries, and increasing public transportation capacity to meet growing demand.....

"It is critical to get our nation's economy moving again and to ensure that those that have lost their jobs or can't find work can do so as soon as possible. A great way to stimulate the economy is by creating green jobs and promoting environmentally friendly development," said Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy, a Democrat. "I appreciate the efforts of Environment Ohio to highlight what can be done in Ohio to stimulate the economy in a green way."

Looks like Kilroy and other Ohio Democrats are lining up to support President Obama's energy strategy to create jobs in the newly developing "green" industries. We need to support and promote these new jobs. We need to ask Republicans if they will be part of the solution or part of the problem.