Friday, July 28, 2006

What jobs????????

Here is a story that doesn't apply to Ohio: House Republican Conference Chairman Deborah Pryce (R-Ohio) hailed today’s announcement that the economy gained 121,000 jobs in June as another step forward for our thriving economy.
“Another month, another step forward for our economy,” Pryce said. “June marks the 34th straight month of job gains – that’s almost three straight years of job gains. Our economy is thriving: Republican policies of tax relief and decreased government regulation have created millions of jobs for Americans......." Blah! Blah! Blah!

I found that little tidbit at some Republican web page. I want to know how Deborah Pryce can say this stuff with a straight face. Where the hell are the jobs? In Texas? In Georgia? Where? They certainly are not in Ohio. The state of Ohio continues to be plagued by the Republican culture of corruption. The Ohio Republicans are so busy worrying if they are going to get indicted, they don't have time to bring jobs to Ohio. The tax structure in Ohio scares businesses away from Ohio. We can't even hold onto the jobs in this state. And Pryce talks about the jobs she has brought to Ohio?

To add insult to injury, gasoline prices continue to go up. Oil companies are seeing record profits. Drug companies are seeing big profits while the costs of prescriptions increase. The Republicans have made things awful. This administration sends Sec. of State Rice to try to have peace talks but none of the countries involved (Israel, Lebanon, Syria) participate in the conference. The war in Iraq, the inability to react in a timely manner to disasters (foreign and domestic), inept leadership, and the arrogance and ignorance of this administration and the Republican Party is just plain depressing. Keeping that in mind, how could anyone vote Republican?