Monday, July 31, 2006

Husted Hates Blogs

This is what we have to deal with in the state of Ohio (Dispatch):

Ohio House Speaker Jon A. Husted is no fan of political blogs.

"I believe they’re overrated in some respects," the Kettering Republican said during a taping Friday of ONN’s Capitol Square. "In high-profile campaigns, this is a way for people to use third parties to get bad information out about your opponent."

The fact that people are paying attention to the blogs, Husted said, "is undermining the campaign process in terms of trying to advance ideas."

"One of the things that is so frustrating when you’re running a campaign is when we get out there, we’re trying to decide who should lead our state, about the important issues of creating jobs and improving the future of this state — and we’re talking about whether or not Ted Strickland is gay on a blog." he said. "That is not helpful."

Apparently, Husted doesn't like free speech. His assertion that bloggers are members of third parties is wrong. Many bloggers are Democrats, Independents, or unhappy Republicans who are all appalled by the Republican culture of corruption in Ohio.

If people only knew how Husted has managed to get projects pushed through for his district, they'd be surprised. It might be that Husted is worried that an investigation might find out about the corruption in his own district.

How about this story about Husted (Enquirer):

...The Plain Dealer reported Friday that the top Republican in the House - Speaker Jon A. Husted - paid just $50 a night over the Memorial Day weekend to stay with his son in a $428,000 Florida Gulf Coast home with three Statehouse lobbyists.

In an interview with the Enquirer, Husted said he spent two days producing receipts and records. He said $50 was the fair market value....

When I've state in similar homes, the charge was between $200-350/night.

Husted pushes family values. However, is Husted an example of family values? Blogesque

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.