Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Like What You See?

The Bush administration and the Republican controlled Congress have given us a lot. Here is a list of the GOP accomplishments:

1. diplomacy failures.
2. armed service deaths in Iraq.
3. tens of thousands of American military wounded.
4. billions and billions of wasted dollars in Iraq.
5. worthless foreign policy conferences that only provide embarrassment.
6. FEMA's failures.
7. the continuing attempt to dismantle Social Security.
8. an unfunded mandate: No Child Left Behind Act.
9. a confusing Medicare Part D prescription drug plan for seniors.
10. loss of funding for stem cell research.
11. Republican ethics violations.
12. no oversight in spending, warrantless spying, and anything else this administration does.
13. Abramoff scandal.
14. loss of millions of jobs; loss of 200,000 jobs in Ohio.
15. higher gasoline prices.
16. a Sec. of Defense who berates military generals and refuses to follow their suggestions.
17. a Sec. of State who is more interested in shoes than diplomacy.
18. corruption at every level of government.
19. the failure of the government to react in a timely matter after the Gulf Coast hurricanes.
20. more tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations.

Who do we have to thank for all this?