Sunday, July 30, 2006

Arrogant and Ignorant

Watch out, folks! Deborah Pryce and the Republicans are spinning their lies so fast that you could use them to fan yourself:

*1. Pryce and the minimum wage.
Pryce voted against raising the minimum wage 7 times and now she is for it. Why? The Republicans have tied raising the minimum wage to more tax cuts. The Republican controlled House of Representatives is not only ethically-challenged but they are also way out of line on issues. Boston Globe:
House Republicans have pushed through a controversial bill linking a minimum-wage increase to a package of tax cuts, but Senate Democrats are strongly opposed to a provision that would cut estate taxes. The standoff could become an issue in the fall elections....

...Representative Jim McGovern, Democrat of Massachusetts, said Republican leaders knew that the tax provisions would surely be killed in the Senate. He accused them of giving their moderate members a chance to go on record in favor of boosting the minimum wage without having to deliver results.

Representative Chris Van Hollen, Democrat of Maryland, called it ``the kind of cynical ploy that makes Americans lose faith in their government."

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California, accused the Republicans of a ``political stunt" that insulted Americans, especially the 7 million who earn minimum wage...

``These are wonderful accomplishments: House Republicans showing results for the American people," said Representative Deborah Pryce, Republican of Ohio, the fourth-ranking Republican in the House. ``We didn't want to leave for August without accomplishing both of these."

*2. Pryce and the jobs she has brought to central Ohio:
Where are they? We are losing more jobs in Ohio. When you have your college educated relatives and friends unable to find jobs, you know that there are no jobs. Pryce's story that she has brought jobs to Ohio is a myth.

*3. Arrogant and Ignorant
Pryce and her Republican party members are arrogant and ignorant. They are arrogant because they continue to give tax cuts to the wealthy. Their fundraising events are only for the big shots with deep pockets. Pryce and the GOP have few chances to talk with regular people. Their ignorance about the plight of regular people is very evident. The GOP's cozy relationships with oil companies (Pryce has taken big money from energy PACs and special interest groups) has made them unable to understand the struggles of people dealing with rising gas and food prices.

*4. Contributions to Pryce show she is a puppet for big business, big oil, big pharmaceuticals, insurance companies, and financial institutions. She writes the bills that make them all happy. Check out the FEC Report and I promise you will be shocked at the money she receives. FEC Disclosure Report