Monday, July 06, 2015

Stay Informed!

*  Ohio's media outlets continue to remind people that Republican Gov. John Kasich will announce his intent to be a candidate for President. I think that most Ohioans don't give a s**t about his candidacy. We already know what his anti-union, anti-women's rights, anti-middle class, anti-equality, and anti-public school agenda has done to Ohio.  It will be difficult for Kasich's ego to fit inside any upcoming Republican debate venue with the other pompous, racist Republicans.

*  Apparently, according to MotherJones, the Republican candidates appear to be all over the place on 'common core' in education:

...Jeb Bush is the ultimate True Believer. His non-profit, Foundation for Excellence in Education, which crisscrosses the country touting the benefits of the Common Core, has bagged over $4 million in Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grants... 

....Sen. Lindsey Graham is anti-Common Core today. In February 2014, he even introduced a Senate resolution that "denounced the Obama Administration" for using federal funds to "coerce" states into adopting Common Core. But in September 2013—three years after his home state adopted Common Core—Graham had no clue about it. In this video, Graham, who at the time had been a South Carolina senator for 11 years, was asked what he thought about Common Core. His answer: "What’s Common Core?"

* Jim Jenkins of TheNews&Observer has some solid examples of how the Republicans are completely clueless about laws and the Supreme Court.