Monday, July 20, 2015

Did you miss it?

In case you missed it------

•  Republican Dave Yost, Ohio's Auditor, has endorsed John Kasich for President.  They actually wasted time, money, and print to announce that crap!

•  Donald Trump continues to speak abhorrently about people and issues.

•  David Hansen resigned his post with the Ohio Department of Education. He tried to hide some numbers.


Top Ohio education official resigns admit charter school grade scandal
An Ohio education official resigned over the weekend after acknowledging he excluded failing grades for charter schools in evaluations of the schools' overseers. David Hansen, the School Choice director for the Education Department, confirmed last week he left F grades for online and dropout recovery schools off evaluations of charter school sponsors. He said he felt the marks would "mask" successes elsewhere. The omission boosted the ratings of two sponsors, which could make them eligible for more state perks. Hansen sent a one-line letter of resignation to state Schools Superintendent Richard Ross late Saturday. The evaluations have been retracted. Hansen's wife is chief-of-staff to Gov. John Kasich.

The Ohio Republicans will do anything to hide the failures of the charter schools and their owners. The owners of the charters contribute big, big money to the campaign coffers of Republicans, and they'll do anything to protect their donors.

Do you think that David Hansen thought we wouldn't notice his fudging with numbers?

•  John Kasich's pals want to influence what subjects are taught in schools.


The right-wing push to amend the U.S. Constitution by requiring a balanced federal budget is gaining momentum. In January, GOP Governor John Kasich of Ohio went on a six-state tour to rally support, and so far this year, New Jersey, Utah and North Dakota have passed resolutions calling for a Constitutional Convention to propose a balanced budget amendment. By some counts, 27 states have passed such resolutions; 34 are needed to trigger a convention....

....Prominent economists also warn that such an amendment could have catastrophic results during economic downturns and is exactly the wrong prescription for today’s sluggish economy.....

...ALEC has indeed been working hard, and now the corporate bill mill has opened up a new front in the decades-long battle for a constitutional amendment: high school kids....

It is not enough that Kasich has cut billions of dollars from K-12 education in Ohio, but now his financial sponsors want to push their agenda in our classrooms.  We should remain vigilant and make sure this propaganda doesn't make it into our schools!

• Some national writers have noticed the unpleasant personality of John Kasich.


John Kasich has a résumé seemingly tailor-made for a serious run for the Republican nomination....

....But there’s just one problem, according to interviews with dozens of those who’ve worked in politics alongside him at various points over the past several decades: his short fuse.

.....His blowups have not simply been behind the scenes. In January 2011, while speaking at at the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Kasich told a story about a police officer pulling him over on a highway for driving too close to an emergency vehicle. The police officer, the governor said several times, was an “idiot.” Kasich would later meet with the officer to apologize....

Read the entire article at Politico and then share it with your friends.  If you are from Ohio, you might want to add some additional instances of Kasich's angry outbursts in the comment section of Politico.