Saturday, July 04, 2015

Happy 4th!!!!

Here is wishing you a Happy 4th of July!  Have fun!  Stay safe!

>  There are lots of people in Ohio wondering if Gov. John Kasich is really running as a vice presidential candidate because of his late entry into the Republican clown car of presidential  candidates. Kasich always talks about how holy and religious he is. However, the people of Ohio know that he hasn't treated women, disadvantaged children in public schools, people seeking equality, and the poor, with much fairness, goodness, and kindness. Kasich's funding cuts and disregard to the needs of people so that the rich can get more tax breaks, doesn't show much empathy. 

FYI: School districts around the state are responding to Gov. Kasich's latest budget:

Cincinnati's schools are very unhappy about how Kasich's budget hurts them.

Port Clinton's schools will lose more than $700,000 in Kasich's budget cuts.

Mason City Schools will lose money under Kasich.

Other districts are also waking up to the reality of Kasich's education cuts.